Cherronesos (Thrace) - A settlement in Thrace
Chersonesos or Cherronesos simply means 'peninsula', and there are more than 20 ancient Greek cities known under that name.

Thracian Cherronesos, which today is called the Gallipoli peninsula and is part of Turkey, is the peninsula in the northeast Aegean Sea on which the cities of Kardia/Cardia and Lysimachia were situated. The spellings seen most commonly are "Cherronesos," "Chersonesos," and "Chersonese."

Earlier Thracian Cherronesos coins are broadly attributed to Thracian Cherronesos while later ones are attributed more specifically to Kardia/Cardia, those that include the name of this city in the inscription.

Kardia was founded as a colony of Miletos in the late seventh century BC. Cherronesos hemidrachms may have been minted in Kardia or by a confederation of cities and towns within the peninsula Cherronesos.

Modern location: Gallipoli, Turkey