Carisa — A settlement in Baetica also known as Carissa
Carisa or Carissa was an ancient city of the Turdetani in Hispania Baetica, in the conventus of Gades, having the civitas Latina. Several of its coins are extant. Pliny refers to the city as Carissa cognomine Aurelia. The city is usually associated, due to inscriptions, with Carixa, near Bornos, in the Province of Cadiz.

Modern location: ruins, Spain
(1) Carisa
An AE Semis struck 100-1 BC in Carisa
Obverse: head of young Hercules left wearing lion's skin

Reverse: horseman galloping left holding spear and large shield; CARISSA

Diameter: 18 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 3.3 g
No notes for this coin
AB-446; Vill-6