EL Coinage
Electrum is a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver, with trace amounts of copper and other metals. It naturally occurs in in western Anatolia, and it is here that the first coins were made.

Many early Lydian coins were minted by merchants as tokens to be used in trade transactions, and the Lydian state also minted electrum coins, most of the coins mentioning king Alyattes of Lydia, who is often credited with the invention of coinage.


(1) Alyattes 600-560 BC
Obverse: Head of roaring lion facing right, sun directly above, another orb (star?) in the ear, and a third in the mouth
Reverse: Two incuse punches
Ref: Sear 3398
(2) Constans 346-348 AD
Obverse: laureate-rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right; CONSTAN_S P F AVG
Reverse: two soldiers standing either side of a standard (XP); GLOR_IA EXERC_ITVS / ΓSIS dot in crescent
Ref: RIC VIII Siscia 100