The Tritartemorion denomination
The tritartemorion was an ancient greek coin denomination worth 3 tartemoria - and weighing roughly 0.54 grammes.

The name comes from 'tetarton', meaning a fourth, and 'morion' meaning part. So it is literally a 'three-quarters-part'.
(1) Mende
An AR Tritartemorion struck c. 460-423 BC in Mende
Obverse: ass standing right

Reverse: crow standing right within incuse square

Diameter: -
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 0.5 g
No notes for this coin
(2) Thasos
An AR Tritartemorion struck 411-404 BC in Thasos
Obverse: head of Satyr left

Reverse: two dolphins - upper to the left, lower to the right; ΘAΣI

Diameter: -
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 0.4 g
No notes for this coin
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