The Litra denomination
A small silver and bronze coin used in the colonies of Ancient Greece in general, and in ancient Sicily in particular.

In silver it weighed 0.87 g (0.031 oz) and was equal to one-fifth of a drachma - almost the same weight as an obol.

(1) Gelon I 485-450 BC
Obverse: Head of Artemis-Arethustra right, hair turned up behind under diadem of beads, ΣV[RA] before
Reverse: Octopus/Cuttle-fish
Ref: cf. Sear 929
(2) Morgantina 339-317 BC
Obverse: laureate head of Apollo right; MOPΓANTINΩN
Reverse: warrior on horseman left, brandishing spear, holding reins
Ref: SNG ANS 465 (same dies); SNG Copenh...
(3) Selinos c. 530-500 BC
Obverse: selinos leaf
Reverse: selinos leaf within incuse circle
Ref: SNG ANS 687; SNG München 879