The Diassarion denomination
The diassarion was a bronze denomination worth 2 asses - assarion in Greek.

It was commonly struck by Roman Provincial mints, and was not struck to a standard weight but rather to some local standard. It was simply a coin worth 2 of the local basic coin denomination.

(1) Hadrian 117-138 AD
Obverse: laureate bust right, draped shoulder; ΑΥΤ{Ο} ΚΑΙ{СΑΡ} ΤΡΑΙ{Α} ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟС СΕΒ{ΑС}
Reverse: Dioscuri on horses right, holding spear and reins; ΛΑΚΕΔΑΙΜΟΝΙΩΝ
Ref: Grunauer group XXXVII, series 1-11;...
(2) Volusian 251-253 AD
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right from behind; AV KE Γ OVIΔ OVEΛ OVOΛOVCCANOI
Reverse: Tyche standing half left, holding rudder and cornucopia; ICINΔ_E_ΩN / AP_X·M
Ref: H. v. Aulock, Münzen und Städte Pis...