Coin 605 - an AR Denarius of Q. Pompeius Rufus struck 54 BC in Rome
Obverse: curule chair, arrow left, laurel branch right; Q·POMPEI·Q·F / RVFVS / COS
Reverse: curule chair, lituus left, wreath right; SVLLA·COS / Q·POMPEI·RVF
Coin Summary
This coin is an AR Denarius struck 54 BC in Rome

It weighs 4.1 grammes and measures an unknown number of millimeters in diameter. The die axis is unknown.

It is classified as Roman Republican (59-44 BC) and belongs to J B

Coin commemorates two moneyer's grandfathers. Q. Pompeius Rufus, member of the college (collegium) with priestly duties - decimviri sacris faciundis (obverse), and L. Cornelius Sulla, Augur (reverse), held consularship together in 88 BC.
Crawford 434/2, SRCV I 400, RSC I Pompeia 5, Cornelia 49, Sydenham 909