Coin 539 - an AR Denarius of Metellus Scipio | P. Licinius Crassus Junianus struck 47-46 BC in Utica
Obverse: G T A above, Q METEL PIVS right, SCIPIO IMP left, the Genius of Africa (Sekhmet the lion-headed Egyptian goddess) standing facing, holding ankh in right hand
Reverse: P CRASSVS IVN right, LEG PRO P R left - Victory standing left, holding winged caduceus in right hand, small round shield in left
Coin Summary
This coin is an AR Denarius struck 47-46 BC in Utica

It weighs 3.15 grammes and measures 18 millimeters in diameter. The die axis is 12 H.

It is classified as Roman Republican (59-44 BC) and belongs to NiceCurrency

Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius Cornelianus Scipio Nasica (yea his full name was that ridiculous) as Imperator and Publius Crassus Junianus as Legatus Pro Praetore

During the civil war between Julius Caesar and the senatorial faction led by Pompeius Magnus ("Pompey the Great"), Scipio remained a staunch optimate. He led troops against Caesar's forces, mainly in the battles of Pharsalus and Thapsus, where he was defeated. He later committed suicide. Ronald Syme called him "the last Scipio of any consequence in Roman history."

Roma Numismatics Limited has put forward the thought that it is Tanit in leontocephalic form instead of "Genius of Africa" and the "ankh" is rather the linear female abstract symbol for Tanit. I agree with the rationality behind this, because it looks everything like that symbol and nothing like an anhk, but include the standard attributions as we know them.
RSC Caecilia 51