Coin 497 - an AR Denarius of L. Marcius Philippus struck 57 (56)BC in Rome
Obverse: diademed head of Ancus Marcius to right, lituus behind, ANCVS
Reverse: equestrian statue right on 5 archs of aquaduct (Aqua Marcia), flower below, PHILIPPVS / A-Q-V-A-(MAR)
Coin Summary
This coin is an AR Denarius struck 57 (56)BC in Rome

It weighs 3.7 grammes and measures an unknown number of millimeters in diameter. The die axis is unknown.

It is classified as Roman Republican (59-44 BC) and belongs to J B

Coin shows moneyer's ancestors. Ancus Marcius on obverse was the fourth legendary king who rulled 642 – 617 BC from who Marcii claimed their origin. On reverse there could be statue of Preator Q. Marcius Rex on aquaduct Aqua Marcia which he repaired in 144-140 BC. It was the longest Roman aquaduct which bringed water to Rome from 91 km far source. Aquaduct was financed from money gained by looting of Carthage and Corinth. Moneyer became consul in 38 BC. He was half-brother of Octavianus Augustus.
Crawford 425/1, SRCV I 382, Sydenham 919, RSC I Marcia 28