Coin 3462 — A silver tetradrachm of Carthage struck 320-300 BC in Entella
Obverse: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin.
Reverse: Horse’s head left; astragalos to left, palm tree to right, Punic MḤSBM below.

Provenance: From the Father & Son Collection. Ex Nomos 19 (17 November 2019), lot 43; Classical Numismatic Group 61 (25 September 2002), lot 388.

Category: Phoenician
Subcategory: Carthaginian Empire
Issuer: Carthage
Year: 320-300 BC
Metal: AR
Denomination: Tetradrachm
Diameter: 26 mm
Die Orientation: 3 H
Weight: 16.71 g
Zone: Italia
Region: Sicily
Mint: Entella
Owner: Quadricore
Date Added: 13/09/2021
Jenkins, Punic 367–9 var. (O115/R– [unlisted rev. die]).
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