Coin 3115 — A base metal as of Marcus Antonius struck 38-37 BC in Achaea
Obverse: M ANT IMP TERT COS DESIG ITER ET III VIR RPC - Jugate busts of Marc Antony and Octavia right.
Reverse: M OPPIVS CAPITO PRO PR PRAEF CLASS F C - Galley right; A below.

There are no notes for this coin.

Category: Roman Republican
Subcategory: 44-36 BC
Issuer: Marcus Antonius
Year: 38-37 BC
Metal: AE
Denomination: As
Diameter: 22 mm
Die Orientation: 11 H
Weight: 6.69 g
Zone: -
Region: -
Mint: Achaea
Owner: Quadricore
Date Added: 21/11/2020
RPC I 1465
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