Coin 3009 — A silver tetradrachm of Skostokos struck Circa 285/4-273 in Ainos mint(?)
Obverse: Diademed head of the deified Alexander right, with horn of Ammon
Reverse: Athena Nikephoros seated left, left arm resting on shield, spear in background; herm to inner left, ΘE monogram in exergue

While previous scholars viewed Skostokos as a dynast who took control of parts of Thrace following Lysimachos’ death, Fischer-Bossert’s die study demonstrates that Skostokos was most likely a local dynast of the environs around Ainos, who ruled under Lysimachos, and was permitted to strike Lysimachi beginning late in the king’s reign. Current scholarship suggests he ruled from circa 285/4-273/2 BC (see, e.g., E. Paunov, “Introduction to the Numismatics of Thrace” in J. Valeva, et al., A Companion to Ancient Thrace, p. 280, fig. 18.4). Skostokos apparently continued to strike Lysimachi in the chaotic period following the latter’s death, before Seleukid authority could be established in Thrace. Notes: Iridescent tone. VF. Very rare.

Category: Greek
Subcategory: Other Greek
Issuer: Skostokos
Year: Circa 285/4-273
Metal: AR
Denomination: Tetradrachm
Diameter: 27 mm
Die Orientation: 2 H
Weight: 16.79 g
Zone: Balkans
Region: Thrace
Mint: Ainos mint(?)
Owner: Time_Traveler's_Collection
Date Added: 29/06/2020
Fischer-Bossert, Lysimacheier A3–5 var. (Va3/R– [unlisted rev. die]); Thompson –; Müller –; HGC 3, 1470.
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