Coin 2229 - an AE Centenionalis of Gratian struck 367-375 AD in Siscia
Obverse: pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right; D N GRATIANVS P F AVG
Reverse: Valens advancing right, dragging captive and holding labarum; GLORIA RO_MANORVM / M _ * above P / ΔSISC
Coin Summary
This coin is an AE Centenionalis struck 367-375 AD in Siscia

It weighs 2.46 grammes and measures 18 millimeters in diameter. The die axis is unknown.

It is classified as Roman Imperial (Late Roman Empire) and belongs to J B

24.8.367 - 17.11.375 AD
RIC IX Siscia 14c, type xvii