Coin 2068 - an AE Tetrachalkon of Berenike II struck 46-221 BC in Akko-Ptolemais
Obverse: BEΡENIKHΣ BAΣIΛIΣΣHΣ or abbreviated, head of Berenike II right, hair in a bun.
Reverse: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΠTOΛEMAIOY, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings closed.
Coin Summary
This coin is an AE Tetrachalkon struck 46-221 BC in Akko-Ptolemais

It weighs 8.78 grammes and measures 20.87 millimeters in diameter. The die axis is 12 H.

It is classified as Greek (Ptolemaic Kingdom) and belongs to SystemAccount

Berenike II was the daughter of Magas (king of Cyrene) and Arsinoe/Apama, born in c. 267/6. Berenike II first married or was engaged to Demetrius the Fair (son of Demetrius Poliorcetes and Ptolemais) in c249, as his second marriage, which terminated shortly thereafter by his murder when he was caught in flagrante delictu with her mother Arsinoe/Apama. By him she had no children. Berenike II second marriage was with Ptolemy III (king of Egypt), probably in early 246, by whom she had Ptolemy IV, Magas, Arsinoe III and Berenike, and is presumed to have had an unknown son. Berenike is said to have participated in the Nemean Games and won (between 245 and 241 BC) and to have competed in Olympic games at some unknown date. Soon after her second husband's death in 221 BC, she was murdered at the instigation of her son, Ptolemy IV, with whom she probably was associated in the government.
Svoronos 1055; BMC 17; Sear Greece 7821; Paris 351.