Coins from Kingdom of Mauretania
Mauretania existed as a tribal kingdom of the Berber Mauri people.

King Atlas was a legendary king of Mauretania credited with inventing the celestial globe. The first known historical king of the Mauri, Baga, ruled during the Second Punic War of 218–201 BC. The Mauri were in close contact with Numidia. Bocchus I was father-in-law to the redoubted Numidian king Jugurtha.

Mauretania became a client kingdom of the Roman Empire in 25 BC when the Romans installed Juba II of Numidia as their client-king. On his death in AD 23, his Roman-educated son Ptolemy of Mauretania succeeded him. The Emperor Caligula had Ptolemy executed in 40. The Roman Emperor Claudius annexed Mauretania directly as a Roman province in 44, placing it under an imperial governor (either a procurator Augusti, or a legatus Augusti pro praetore).
Kingdom of Mauretania
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