Coins from Dynasts and Satraps
Satraps were governors of the provinces of the ancient Achaemenid Empire, as well as in several of the successor states - such as in the Sasanian Empire and the Hellenistic empires.

Whenever central authority in the empire weakened, the satrap often enjoyed practical independence, especially as it became customary to appoint him also as general-in-chief of the army district. Once the office became heriditary, the satraps are usually referred to as Dynasts - minor kings. Rebellions of satraps became frequent from the middle of the 5th century BC.

The satrapic administration and title were retained—even for Greco-Macedonian incumbents—by Alexander the Great, who conquered the Achaemenid Empire, and by his successors. These satrapies were much smaller, and therefore posed less of a problem than under Persian rule.

Dynasts and Satraps

(1) Autophradates c. 380-355 BC
AE unit Sardis?
Obverse: head of Autophradates right, wearing Persian tiara
Reverse: monoskelis
Ref: Winzer 11.7.
(2) Hekatomnos 392-377 BC
Obverse: Head of roaring lion left
Reverse: Facing head of lion with forelegs at sides
Ref: Konuk, Coin M7 var; Troxell, Carian...
(3) Kherei 440-410 BC
AR Obol Unknown mint
Obverse: Helmeted head of Athena left
Reverse: Head of Kherei right, wearing bashlyk, in pelleted round border within incuse circle.
Ref: Falghera -; SNG Copenhagen Suppl. -...
(4) Lycia 480/470-430 BC
AR 1/6 Stater Unknown mint
Obverse: Pegasos left; •
Reverse: triskeles within dot circle
Ref: Cf. Falghera 73 (stater, square inc...
(5) Mithrapata 390-370 BC
AR Diobol Unknown mint
Obverse: Facing scalp of lion
Reverse: Triskeles within incuse square
Ref: Müseler VII.91-2, SNG Copenhagen Su...
(6) Perikles 380-360 BC
Obverse: lionskin facing
Reverse: triskeles, laureate bust of Apollo facing ΠEP_IKΛE (in lycian script)
Ref: SNG Copenhagen -; SNG v. Aulock -. ...
(7) Phaselis c. 500-440 BC
Obverse: Prow of galley right; uncertain controlmark below
Reverse: Stern of galley left; ΦAΣ
Ref: SNG von Aulock-; Cf Heipp-Tamer 72
(8) Tissaphernes c. 400-395 BC
AE unit Astyra
Obverse: head of Tissaphernes* right, short beard; TIΣΣA
Reverse: facing cult statue of Artemis Astyra wearing kalathos, club right; AΣTYPH
Ref: SNG BnF 124A, Klein 253, Winzer 6.2
(9) Uvug 470-440 BC
AR Obol Unknown mint
Obverse: Forepart of winged human-headed bull right
Reverse: Male? head right; OFOV (Uvug) within incuse square
Ref: Babelon, Traité, 315 ff var.; SNG v...
(10) Vekhssere I 440-430 BC
Obverse: Helmeted head of Athena right.
Reverse: Laureate head of Apollo right; diskeles to right; all within incuse square
Ref: Müseler V.11; Vismara, Wekhssere, 6...