T. Vettius Sabinus Moneyer of the Roman Republic from 70 BC to 70 BC.
T. Vettius Sabinus was one of the moneyers for the year 70 BC. He later served as Praetor in 59 BC.

Gens Vettia was a plebeian family of Rome built at the end of the Republic . The Vettii then grew in importance during the Empire , when their name often appeared in the Fasti . A branch of the Vettii lived in the village of Vezza d'Alba , which in fact took its name. Also in Pompeii there are traces of owners belonging to the gens: Aulo Vettio Caprasio Felice was owner of two properties, while Aulo Vettio Restituto and Aulo Vettio Conviva, rich freedmen, lived in the famous house of the Vettii , one of the greatest examples of Roman art and architecture of the first century.

In Pompeii the Vettii family was one of the wealthiest in 79 AD , the year of the eruption that destroyed the city.
T. Vettius Sabinus
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