Ptolemy XIII King of the Ptolemaic Kingdom from 51 BC to January 13, 47 BC.
Ptolemy XIII was one of the last members of the Ptolemaic dynasty. He succeeded his father in the spring of 51 BC as co-ruler of Egypt by his marriage to his older sister Cleopatra VII.

In the spring of 48 BC, Ptolemy XIII and his regent Pothinus attempted to depose Cleopatra VII due to her increasing status as Queen. Her face appeared on minted coins, for example, while Ptolemy XIII's name was omitted on official documents. Ptolemy intended to become main ruler.

They managed to force Cleopatra to flee to Syria, but she soon organized her own army and a civil war began in Egypt. Soon their other sister started to claim the throne as Arsinoe IV, further complicating the situation. Ptolemy tried to win the favour of Julius Caesar by murdering Pompey the Great, but this backfired and Caesar - disgusted - allied with Cleopatra instead.

Caesar and Cleopatra subsequently defeated Ptolemy, and he reportedly drowned on January 13, 47 BC while attempting to cross the Nile.
Ptolemy XIII
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