Prusias I King of Kingdom of Bithynia from 228 BC to 182 BC.
Prusias I was a king of Bithynia, the son of Ziaelas of Bithynia. He was a vigorous and energetic leader; he fought a war against Byzantium (220 BC), seizing its Asiatic territory, a part of Mysia that had been in its possession for a long time.

He expanded the territories of Bithynia in a series of wars against Attalus I of Pergamum and Heraclea Pontica on the Black Sea, taking various cities formerly owned by the Heracleans, renaming one Prusias after himself. While besieging the city of Heraclea Pontica, he dealt many casualties to the besieged, but while climbing a ladder, he was hit with a stone and he broke his leg; the siege was lifted due to his injury.

Although he granted sanctuary to Hannibal, who successfully employed an odd stratagem against the Attalids for him at sea, he remained neutral during the Roman Republic's war with Antiochus III the Great, refusing an alliance with Antiochus. He was succeeded by his son, Prusias II.
Prusias I
Epithet: Cholus ("the Lame")
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