Polemon I - Šar Šarrāni of Pontos from 37 BC to ~2 BC
Polemon I was the Roman Client King of Cilicia, Pontus, Colchis and the Bosporan Kingdom. He was appointed king by Marcus Antonius in 37 BC, alongside other client kings in the region.

According to Cassius Dio, in 36 BC Polemon took part in Mark Antony's campaign against Parthia. He was in a detachment led by Oppius Statianus which was attacked and slaughtered by the Parthians and the Medians. Polemon was the only one who was not killed. He was captured and then released for a ransom.

The date Polemon's death is unknown. An inscription indicates that he must have been still on the throne as late 2 BC.
Polemon I
King of Kings Polemon I of the Kingdom of Pontus

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