Pharnaces I King of Kings of the Kingdom of Pontus from ~185 BC to ~170 BC.
Pharnaces I was the fifth king of Pontus, and the son of King Mithradates III and his wife Laodice, whom he succeeded on the throne. He ruled c. 190 BC – c. 155 BC, but the precise year of his ascension is not known.

In 183 BC he attacked Sinope, after which the Rhodians sent an ambassador to Rome with a complaint but nothing came of it. Soon after he attacked Eumenes II of Pergamon and Ariarathes IV of Cappadocia. Fighting continued until 179 BC, after which Pharnaces I was forced to concede defeat.

How long he continued to reign after this we know not; but it appears that he was still on the throne in 170 BC, while he was certainly dead in 154 BC, when his brother Mithradates IV is mentioned as King.
Pharnaces I
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