Papirius Turdus Moneyer of the Roman Republic from 169 BC to 158 BC.
Papirius Turdus was one of the moneyers for the period 169-158 BC. He is likely the son of the Tribunis Plebis in 177 BC, C. Papirius Turdus.

Gens Papiria was an ancient patrician family at Rome. According to tradition, the Papirii had already achieved prominence in the time of the kings, and the first Rex Sacrorum was a member of this gens. Lucius Papirius Mugillanus was the first of the Papirii to obtain the consulship in 444 BC. The patrician members of the family regularly occupied the highest offices of the Roman state down to the time of the Punic Wars. Most of the Papirii who held office under the later Republic belonged to various plebeian branches of the family.

The original form of the nomen Papirius was Papisius, and all of the early Papirii would have been known by this name, although in later times they were always referred to as Papirii. A number of other ancient nomina experienced the same evolution; Fusius becoming Furius, Valesius becoming Valerius, and Vetusius becoming Veturius. Cicero writes that the first of the Papirii to adopt the "modern" spelling was Lucius Papirius Crassus, consul in BC 336.
Papirius Turdus
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