P. Manlius Vulso Praetor of the Roman Republic from 210 BC to 210 BC.
P. Manlius Vulso was Praetor of Sicily in 210 BC, and struck (signed) coins in that respect.

He held the office of praetor in the middle of the Roman fight against Hannibal, which is called the Second Punic war (218-201 BC). He commanded two legions in order to defend Sardinia against the Carthaginians. Yet a Punic fleet led by Hamilcar ravaged at the end of the summer of 210 BC Olbia, a city on the north-east coast of the island. When Manlius and his army appeared on the battlefield the Carthaginians sailed on and devastated the district of Carales (today Cagliari). Nothing else is known about the life of Manlius.

Gens Manlia was one of the oldest and noblest patrician houses at Rome, from the earliest days of the Republic until imperial times. The first of the gens to obtain the consulship was Gnaeus Manlius Cincinnatus, consul in 480 BC, and for nearly five centuries its members frequently held the most important magistracies. Many of them were distinguished statesmen and generals, and a number of prominent individuals under the Empire claimed the illustrious Manlii among their ancestors.
P. Manlius Vulso
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