P. Juventius Thalna Moneyer of the Roman Republic from 179 BC to 170 BC.
P. Juventius Thalna was one of the moneyers for the years 179-170 BC. He was later Praetor in 149 BC.

Gens Juventia, occasionally written Jubentia, was an ancient plebeian family at Rome. After centuries of obscurity, the gens emerges into history with the appearance of Titus Juventius, a military tribune, in the beginning of the second century BC. The first of the Juventii to obtain the consulship was Marcus Juventius Thalna in BC 163. But the family is renowned less for its statesmen than for its jurists, who flourished during the second century AD.

The Juventii were said to have come to Rome from Tusculum, probably during the fourth century BC. Cicero reports a claim, which he regards as incorrect, that the first of the plebeian aediles was a Juventius, and in fact the Juventii are not mentioned until BC 197, although there is no reason to doubt that the family had already been at Rome for some generations. Thalna, occasionally found as Talna, is an Etruscan name, and was probably the original nomen of the gens, before it came to be known as Juventia.
P. Juventius Thalna
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