P. Accoleius Lariscolus Moneyer of the Roman Republic from 43 BC to 43 BC.
P. Accoleius Lariscolus was one of the moneyers for the year 43 BC. He is not otherwise known.

Gens Accoleia, also spelled Acculeia, Acoleia, or Aculeia was a minor plebeian family at Rome during the first century BC. Most of what is known of the family comes from various coins and inscriptions.

The origin of the nomen is obscure, but the gens apparently shared its name with one of the thirty curiae, or wards, which formed divisions of the three Romulean tribes, suggesting that the family might have been of great antiquity, although if so it was exceedingly obscure. One tradition states that the curiae were named after the Sabine women carried off in the time of Romulus. Of the few whose names are known, several correspond with particular neighborhoods of Rome, although this does not establish whether the wards were originally named after historical or mythological personages.

Three cognomina are known to have been used by members of this family: Lariscolus, Euhermerus, and Abascantus. Since the gens does not seem to have been very large, these were probably personal, rather than hereditary surnames.
P. Accoleius Lariscolus
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