Nicomedes I King of Kingdom of Bithynia from 278 BC to 255 BC.
Nicomedes I was the eldest son of Zipoetes I, whom he succeeded on the throne in 278 BC. He commenced his reign by putting to death two of his brothers but the third, subsequently called Zipoetes II, raised an insurrection against him and succeeded in maintaining himself, for some time, in the independent sovereignty of a considerable part of Bithynia.

To defeat Zipoetes II, Nicomedes called in the assistance of more powerful auxiliaries and entered into an alliance with the Celts who, under Leonnorius and Lutarius, had arrived on the opposite side of the Bosphorus and were laying siege to Byzantium. They crosses into Asia and founded Galatia, then defeated Zipoetes II.

In imitation of his father, and so many others of the Greek rulers of Asia, he founded a capital in his name; Nicomedia. It went on to become one of the most important and richest cities in Anatolia for the next six centuries.

He died in 255 BC and was succeeded by his son, Ziaelas.
Nicomedes I
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