Mithridates II King of Kingdom of Commagene from 38 BC to 20 BC.
Mithridates II was king of Commagene from 38 BC and until his death in 20 BC. He wasone of the sons of King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene and Queen Isias Philostorgos of Commagene.

According to Plutarch, he was an ally of the Roman triumvir Mark Antony. In 31 BC, Mithridates personally led his forces to Actium in Greece in support of Antony in the war against Caesar Octavian, the future Roman emperor Augustus. After the defeat of Antony, however, Mithridates became a loyal ally to Augustus. Nevertheless, Augustus forced Mithridates to hand over a village in Commagene called Zeugma, which was a major crossing point of the Euphrates River, to the Roman province of Syria.

When Mithridates died in 20 BC, his son by Laodice, Mithridates III of Commagene, succeeded him.
Mithridates II
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