Mithridates I King of Kingdom of Commagene from 109 BC to 70 BC.
Mithridates I was a king of Orontid Armenian descent who lived during the late 2nd century BC and early 1st century BC. Mithridates was a prince, the son, and successor of King of Commagene, Sames II Theosebes Dikaios.

Before his succession in 109 BC, he married the Syrian Greek Princess Laodice VII Thea as a part of a peace alliance. Mithridates embraced Greek culture. Laodice bore Mithridates a son, Antiochos, a prince and future king of Commagene.

Mithridates died in 70 BC and Antiochus succeeded him.
Mithridates I
Epithet: Callinicus ()
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