Mithradates V King of Kings of the Kingdom of Pontus from ~150 BC to ~120 BC.
Mithradates V was the 7th king of Pontus, ruling from ~150 BC to ~120 BC. He was the son of the King Pharnaces I and Queen Nysa. His mother is believed to have died during childbirth, while giving birth to either him or his sister.

Mithradates V continued the alliance with the Roman Republic started by his predecessors. He supported them with some ships and a small auxiliary force during the Third Punic War (149–146 BC) and at a subsequent period rendered them useful assistance in the war against the King of Pergamon, Eumenes III.

For his services on this occasion, Mithridates V was rewarded by the Roman consul Manius Aquillius with the province of Phrygia. However the acts of the Roman consul were rescinded by the Roman Senate on the grounds of bribery, but it appears that he maintained his possession of Phrygia until his death. He was assassinated in about 120 BC in Sinope, poisoned by unknown persons at a lavish banquet which he held.
Mithradates V
Epithet: Euergetes ("the Benefactor")
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