Mithradates IV King of Kings of the Kingdom of Pontus from ~170 BC to ~150 BC.
Mithradates IV was a prince and sixth ruler of the Kingdom of Pontus. He is first mentioned in 179 BC in a treaty concluded by Pharnaces I with Eumenes II of Pergamon, in a manner which suggests that he shared some sovereign power.

The date of his accession to the Pontian throne is unknown, but he is recorded as the ruler of Pontus in 154 BC, when he is mentioned as sending an auxiliary force to assist Attalus II of Pergamon, against Prusias II of Bithynia.

Coinage has survived issued by Mithridates IV alone as well as coins issued with his sister-wife, Laodice.
Mithradates IV
Epithet: Philopator Philadelphus ("the father-loving, brother-loving")
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