Mithradates I King of Kings of the Kingdom of Pontus from 281 BC to 266 BC.
Mithradate I was a Persian nobleman and the founder of the Kingdom of Pontus in Anatolia. He is said to have been of the same age as Demetrios Poliorketes, which means he was born in the mid-330s BCE.

In 302 or 301 BC, shortly after having executed Mithradates' father, Antigonus Monophthalmus became suspicious of the son who had inherited the family dominion of Cius, and planned to kill the boy. Mithradates, however, received from Demetrius Poliorketes timely notice of Antigonus's intentions, and fled with a few followers to Paphlagonia, where he occupied a strong fortress, called Cimiata.

He was joined by numerous bodies of troops from different quarters and gradually extended his dominions in Pontus and created the foundations for the birth of a new kingdom, which may be judged to have risen about 281 BC when Mithridates assumed the title of basileus (king). He reigned for thirty-six years and was succeeded by his son Ariobarzanes.
Mithradates I
Epithet: Ctistes ("the Builder')
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