M. Cocceius Nerva - Quaestor Pro Praetore of Res Publica Romana from 41 BC to 41 BC
Marcus Cocceius Nerva struck coins as Proquaestor pro praetore under Antonius in 41 BC, jointly with Antonius and others, and it is assumed that he was with Lucius Antonius during the Perusine War.

He was one of the key military officers in Antonius's army who refused to fight Octavianus and brought about the reconciliation between the two men in 40 BC. Around 38 BC, Marcus Antonius appointed Nerva as the proconsular governor of Asia, during which time he was acclaimed as imperator for some military action at Lagina. For his services to Marcus Antonius, Nerva was elected consul in 36 BC. In 31 BC he was elected to the Quindecimviri sacris faciundis, and was raised to the Patriciate after 29 BC.

He is the great-grandfather of the more famous Emperor Nerva who ruled the Roman Empire from 96 to 98 AD. His son, also named Marcus Cocceius Nerva, was part of the entourage of emperor Tiberius.
M. Cocceius Nerva
Quaestor Pro Praetore M. Cocceius Nerva of the Roman Republic

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