Leontius I Emperor (usurper) of the Roman Empire (East) from 484 to 488.
Leontius was a general of the Eastern Roman Empire and claimant to the throne who led a rebellion against emperor Zeno in 484–488.

In 484, the Roman general Illus broke off his relationship with emperor Zeno. The Emperor sent Leontius with an army against Illus, but Illus managed to persuade Leontius to go over to his side.

Zeno's army defeated the rebel army near Antioch. Illus and Leontius were forced to take refuge inside the fortress of Papurius, where the insurgents held out for four years. In 488 the fortress fell through treachery; Leontius was put to death, beheaded at Seleucia on the Calycadnus, and his head was sent to Zeno.
Leontius I
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