L. Furius Purpureo Moneyer of the Roman Republic from 179 BC to 170 BC.
L. Furius Purpureo was one of the moneyers for the year 179-170 BC. He is apparently not the same persion as the Furius Purpurio who struck coins a decade later.

gens Furia, originally written Fusia, was one of the most ancient and noble patrician houses at Rome. Its members held the highest offices of the state throughout the period of the Roman Republic. The first of the Furii to attain the consulship was Sextus Furius Medullinus in 488 BC.

The cognomina of this gens are Aculeo, Bibaculus, Brocchus, Camillus, Crassipes, Fusus, Luscus, Medullinus, Pacilus, Philus, and Purpureo. The only cognomina that occur on coins are Brocchus, Crassipes, Philus, and Purpureo. Purpureo, "rosy", probably referred to a person's complexion.
L. Furius Purpureo
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