L. Cosconius M.f. - Curatores denariorum flandorum of Colonia Narbo Martius from 118 BC to 117 BC
Lucius Cosconius M.f.. was colonian moneyer in Narbo in 118 BC. He is otherwise unknown.

Gens Cosconia was a plebeian family at Rome. Members of this gens are first mentioned in the Second Punic War, but none ever obtained the honours of the consulship; the first who held a curule office was Marcus Cosconius, praetor in 135 BC.

The praenomina associated with the Cosconii are Marcus, Gaius, and Lucius.
L. Cosconius M.f.
Colonial Moneyer L. Cosconius M.f. of Narbo

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