L. Corn. Lentulus Crus Consul of the Roman Republic from 49 BC to 49 BC.
Lucius Cornelius Lentulus Crus was Consul of the Roman Republic in 49 BC, an opponent of Caesar and supporter of Pompeius in the Civil War during 49 – 48 BC.

He was an active and vocal participant in the increasingly hysterical scenes in the senate in late 50 and January 49 as Caesar sought to secure a safe consulship whilst a reactionary group of senators sought to have him stripped of command. Finally, on 7 January 49 BC, the senate under Lentulus and Marcellus passed the “final decree” (senatus consultum ultimum); the tribunes Antonius and Cassius fled with Caesar's envoy, the younger Curio, from Rome to meet Caesar at Ravenna. On 10th, Caesar famously crossed the Rubicon, starting the Civil War.

Lentulus recruited two legions in the province of Asia for Pompeius - a decree of his in July 49 BC exempted the Jews of Asia Minor from military service. He was with Pompeius, as Proconsul, in his defeat at the battle of Pharsalus on 9 August 48 BC. On his flight from the battlefield Lentulus was denied refuge in Antioch and instead followed Pompeius to Egypt. He was taken prisoner on 4 September by the order of King Ptolemy XIII and executed whilst in prison.
L. Corn. Lentulus Crus
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