Hieron I Tyrant of Syracuse from 478 BC to 467 BC.
Hieron I was the son of Deinomenes, the brother of Gelon, and tyrant of Syracuse in Sicily from 478 to 467 BC.

During his reign, he greatly increased the power of Syracuse. He removed the inhabitants of Naxos and Catana to Leontini, peopled Catana (which he renamed Aetna) with Dorians, concluded an alliance with Acragas (Agrigentum) and supported the cause of the Locrians against Anaxilas, tyrant of Rhegium.

His most important military achievement was the defeat of the Etruscans and Carthaginians at the Battle of Cumae (474 BC), by which he saved the Greeks of Campania from Etruscan domination.

He died at Catana/Aetna in 467 and was buried there. The tyranny at Syracuse lasted only a year or so after his death.
Hieron I
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