Eumenes III King (pretender) of the Kingdom of Pergamon from 133 BC to 129 BC.
Eumenes III was a pretender to the throne of Pergamon. He led a revolt against the Pergamene regime and found success early on, seizing various cities near the coast of Anatolia, including the island of Samos, and killing the Roman consul Publius Licinius Crassus Dives Mucianus.

Eumenes’ revolt was met with staunch opposition, coming not only from the Romans but also from the surrounding Greek cities. Indeed, in the earlier stages of the revolt much of the conflict came against the Greek cities of the Anatolian coast. Nevertheless, he initially found success in the interior, seizing Thyatira as well as Apollonis. His cause was also furthered by the death of Ariarathes V of Cappadocia, who, along with Mithridates V of Pontus, Nicomedes II of Bithynia, and Pylaemenes of Paphlagonia, opposed the revolt in the hopes of winning the favor of Rome.

Despite these gains, the revolt was dealt a blow in 130 B.C by the appointment of Crassus’ successor: Marcus Pepernas. The consul had prior experience with putting down slave revolts in Sicily, and the Romans reaped the rewards of this experience as Perpernas, according to Justinus, subdued Eumenes in their first encounter.
Eumenes III
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