Demetrius I King of the Indo-Greek Kingdom from 200 BC to 190 BC.
Demetrius I was a Greek king of Gandhara. He was the son of the Greco-Bactrian ruler Euthydemus I and succeeded him around 200 BC, after which he conquered extensive areas in what is now Afghanistan and Pakistan, thus creating an Indo-Greek Kingdom far from Hellenistic Greece.

He was never defeated in battle and was posthumously qualified as the Invincible (Aniketos) on the pedigree coins of one of his successors, Agathocles.

Demetrius I died of unknown reasons, and the date 180 BC is merely a suggestion aimed to allow suitable regnal periods for subsequent kings, of which there were several. Even if some of them were co-regents, civil wars and temporary divisions of the empire are most likely.

The kings Pantaleon, Antimachus, Agathocles and possibly Euthydemus II ruled after Demetrius I, and theories about their origin include all of them being relatives of Demetrius I, or only Antimachus.
Demetrius I
Epithet: Aniketos ("the Invincible")
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