Cn. Calpurnius Piso - Monetalis of Res Publica Romana from 49 BC to 49 BC
Cn. Calpurnius Piso was Proquaestor in 49 BC, and struck coins jointly with Pompeius Magnus. He was later appointed as the replacement consul in 23 BC.

A defender of the traditional senatorial elite and an opponent of the First Triumvirate, he first came to notice sometime during the 50 BCs when he prosecuted Gaius Manilius Crispus, a Plebeian Tribune who was in the employ of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus. Although Crispus was obviously guilty, the influence of Pompeius was making an acquittal look increasingly likely. Calpurnius Piso, in frustration, began to accuse Pompeius of a number of serious charges during the course of the trial. When Pompeius asked Calpurnius Piso why Piso did not prosecute him as well, Piso retorted:

”Give me a guarantee that you will not wage a civil war against the Republic if you are prosecuted, and I shall at once send the jurymen to convict you and send you into exile rather than Manilius."
Cn. Calpurnius Piso
Moneyer Cn. Calpurnius Piso of the Roman Republic

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