Cleopatra V Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom from 80 BC to 69 BC?.
Cleopatra V was a Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt. She is the only surely attested wife of Ptolemy XII.

Cleopatra may have been an illegitimate daughter of Ptolemy IX but more likely the daughter of Ptolemy X Alexander.

t is unclear how long Cleopatra V lived. References to her in the sources vanish around the time Cleopatra VII was born (69 BC): her name begins to disappear from monuments and papyri, and there is an inscription of Ptolemy XII from 68 BC that does not mention her but would be expected to do so had she still been alive.

On the other hand, there is a dedication on the Temple of Edfu from 57 BC that inscribes Cleopatra Tryphaena's name alongside Ptolemy XII's, which would have meant the king's wife rather than daughter and would be unlikely had Ptolemy XII's wife really died already twelve years earlier.

Some historians believe that she was banished in 69 BC, and returned with her daughter Berenice IV in 58 BC, only to die shortly afterwards.
Cleopatra V
Epithet: Philopator (Tryphaena)
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