Cleopatra II Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom from 175 BC to 116 BC.
Cleopatra II was a queen and co-ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt with her brother-husbands and her daughter between 175 BC until 116 BC, and sole ruler from 131 until 127 BC.

She was married to both of her brothers - Ptolemy VI and Ptolemy VIII - at various times, and in fact the whole period was one big incest-fueled carnage of marriages to step-daughter and murders on own children and step children.

In 124 BC, Cleopatra II and her brother-husband-and-son-in-law Ptolemy VIII and her daughter Cleopatra III made peace and rules together.

In 116 BC, Ptolemy VIII died, leaving the kingdom to Cleopatra III. Cleopatra II herself died shortly after.
Cleopatra II
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