C. Aurunculeius Praetor of the Roman Republic from 209 BC to 209 BC.
C. Aurunculeius was Praetor of Sardinia for the year 209 BC, and struck coins in that respect and signed with AR.

Gens Aurunculeia was a plebian family of little importance - C. Arunculeius was the first to reach a major political office. None of the members were ever elected Consul. The only cognomen associated with the Aurunculeii is Cotta.

The nomen Aurunculeius is probably derived from the name of the Aurunci, a race of people from rural Campania, conquered by the Romans in 314 BC, during the Second Samnite War. The Aurunculei may have been of Auruncan origin, or perhaps less probably, descendants of the colonists sent to the towns of the Aurunci beginning in 313.
C. Aurunculeius
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