Attalus II King of the Kingdom of Pergamon from 160 BC to 138 BC.
Attalus II was a King of Pergamon and the founder of modern-day Turkish city Antalya. He was the second son of Attalus I Soter and queen Apollonis of Cyzicus, and ascended the throne first as co-ruler alongside his ailing brother Eumenes II in 160 BC, whose widow Stratonice of Pergamon he married in 158 BC upon Eumenes' death.

Attalus expanded his kingdom with the help of his good friend Ariarathes V of Cappadocia, and founded the cities of Philadelphia and Attalia. He was well known as a patron of the arts and sciences, and was the inventor of a new kind of embroidery.

In his old age, he relied upon his chief minister, named Philopoemen, to help him govern. He was succeeded by his nephew Attalus III upon his death.
Attalus II
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