Aristobulus I King and High Priest of Hasmonean Kingdom from 104 BC to 103 BC.
Judah Aristobulus I reigned c. 104 – 103 BC, and was the first ruler of the Hasmonean Dynasty to declare himself "king". He was the eldest of the five sons of John Hyrcanus, the previous leader.

Aristobulus was not only just the first king from the Hasmonean lineage, but the first of any Hebrew kings to claim both the high priesthood and the kingship title.

The Sadducees and the Essenes were not concerned about Aristobulus taking the title of king, but the Pharisees were infuriated: they felt that the kingship could only be held by descendants of the Davidic line (the Hasmoneans were Levites). The Pharisees began a massive rebellion, but Aristobulus died before any attempt to depose of him could occur.
Aristobulus I
Epithet: Aristobulus (best-advising)
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