Archelaos I King of Macedonia from 413 BC to 399 BC.
Archelaos I was a king of Macedon from 413 to 399 BC. He was a capable and beneficent ruler, known for the sweeping changes he made in state administration, the military, and commerce.

By the time that he died, Archelaus had succeeded in converting Macedon into a significantly stronger power. Thucydides credited Archelaus with doing more for his kingdom's military infrastructure than all of his predecessors together.

He was a son of Perdiccas II by a slave woman. He obtained the throne by murdering his own uncle Alcetas II and cousin Alexander, such that his father became king, and his half-brother, a child of seven years, the legitimate heir.

According to Aelian, Archelaus was killed in 399 BC during a hunt, by one of the royal pages, Crateuas, who reigned as an usurper for four days, before being removed from the throne by Aeropus II.
Archelaos I
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