Antiochus XI - Basileus of Basileía tōn Seleukidōn from 95 BC to 92 BC
Antiochus XI was a son of Antiochus VIII Grypus and his wife Tryphaena.

Antiochus XI was a brother of Seleucus VI Epiphanes and a minor participant in the civil wars which clouded the last years of the once glorious Seleucids, now reduced to local dynasties in Syria.

Following the defeat of his brother in 95 BC by Antiochus X Eusebes, Antiochus XI and yet another brother, Philip I Philadelphus, opted for revenge and besieged Antiochia.

In 92 BC, after the campaign had ended in defeat, Antiochus was forced to flee but drowned in the river Orontes while trying to cross it on horseback.
Antiochus XI
King Antiochus XI of the Seleucid Empire

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