Andronikos III Emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 1328 to 1341.
Andronikos III was Byzantine emperor from 1328 to 1341. He was proclaimed co-emperor in his youth and in 1321 he rebelled in opposition to his grandfather, Andronikos II. He was formally crowned co-emperor in February 1325, before ousting his grandfather outright and becoming sole emperor in 1328.

His reign included the last failed attempts to hold back the Ottoman Turks in Bithynia and the defeat at Rusokastro against the Bulgarians, but also the successful recovery of Chios, Lesbos, Phocaea, Thessaly, and Epirus.[1] His early death left a power vacuum that resulted in the disastrous civil war between his Empress-dowager, Anna of Savoy, and his closest friend and supporter, John VI Kantakouzenos.
Andronikos III
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