Andronikos II Emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 1282 to 1328.
Andronikos II was Byzantine emperor from 11 December 1282 to 23 or 24 May 1328. He was the eldest surviving son of Michael VIII Palaiologos.

During his reign the value of the Byzantine hyperpyron depreciated precipitously, while the state treasury accumulated less than one seventh the revenue (in nominal coins) that it had previously. Seeking to increase revenue and reduce expenses, Andronikos II raised taxes, reduced tax exemptions, and dismantled the Byzantine fleet (80 ships) in 1285, thereby making the Empire increasingly dependent on the rival republics of Venice and Genoa.

Following several was with Bulgaria, he disowned his grandson Andronikos III, prompting a civil war that raged, with interruptions, until 1328. In 1328 Andronikos III entered Constantinople in triumph and Andronikos II was forced to abdicate. He died as a monk at Constantinople in 1332.
Andronikos II
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