Amyntas III King of Macedonia from 393 BC to 370 BC.
Amyntas III was king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon in 393 BC, and again from 392 to 370 BC. He was the son of Arrhidaeus and grandson of Amyntas, one of the sons of Alexander I.

He came to the throne after the ten years of confusion which followed the death of Archelaus I. But he had many enemies at home; in 393 he was driven out by the Illyrians, but in the following year, with the aid of the Thessalians, he recovered his kingdom.

His most famous son is Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. He is historically considered the founder of the unified Macedonian state.

Amyntas died at an advanced age, leaving his throne to his eldest son, Alexander II.
Amyntas III
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